Annual report and message from the Chairperson

Annual report and message from the Chairperson

The second year of the Kent Constructing Excellence Club has now completed and the club has grown in stature in the Constructing Excellence forum. Feedback from members has been positive about the style and type of events and the club has maintained its ethos of an organisation which has delivered tangible results and not become just a ‘talking shop’. The member roll is now 54, which is a sustainable number financially and in terms of permitting meaningful discussion at events.

During the second year of running the club has focused on one issue and the learnings over the year could then be clearly identified. The theme for the year was BIM and the committee’s thanks go to the members who shared very frank presentations of their experiences. The highlights of the BIM year was a full half day event at the University of Kent where six providers gave different presentations to a wide cross section of interested parties. The social media promotion of the event produced over 100,000 Twitter impressions thus demonstrating how effective the use of this platform is for promoting topics. Constructing Excellence Kent Club will co-host the Kent BIM hub going forward, a clear example of collaboration with other groups which will be of benefit to both member groups in terms of enlarging their membership, wider knowledge sharing, reducing costs and saving time.

The “Future workforce” task group established after the first year has continued to forge strong links with schools, colleges and Kent County Council. The task group attended the KentChoices4U event and hosted a separate stand at the Construction Expo in October.

Looking forward to 2016, with the BIM Hub and the “Future workforce” group the committee is going to propose that Special Interest Groups, SIG’s, be formed to continue the club’s annual theme. This will allow work to continue where members have particular interests and retain and attract new members. The theme for the club in 2016 will be Innovation.

Many of you know that I recently left Kier and am now working as a management consultant, primarily helping to support SME’s. I think that is therefore an appropriate time, now that the club is established and has an annual management routine, to pass the chairperson role to someone new to bring fresh thinking to the club. To aid the chair we propose to establish a new role of club manager. Cheryl Causebrook and Paul Tollervey have offered to take the roles. They have both been instrumental in helping to establish the club and it will be good to see them take on a more strategic role. I wish them well with the development of the club.

Finally, I would like to thank, and give New Year greetings, to all the committee members who have given so much time, and support helping to set up the club and to all the members who have participated with such enthusiasm. It really does make the role of Chair very rewarding.

Yours sincerely
Peter Searle

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