Educating young people in Construction: The next generation learn more in the heart of Kent

Educating young people in Construction: The next generation learn more in the heart of Kent

On Wednesday 7th October, CE Kent members and friends came together to educate young minds on how a career in construction can benefit them, and what steps they can take now to ensure they hit the ground running.

Key members of CE Kent attended in order to make sure that the next generation would be set to fill the skills gap, and included such construction workers as architects, engineers, site managers, quantitiy surveyors, civil engineers, suppliers, contractors, marketing, interactive screen supplier, software consultants, design and social media people ALL working collaboratively.

Beginning with an opening speech from Toni Clarke, Medway Education Business Partnership, the morning’s keynote speaker was welcomed to the stage, to speak on young people in construction.

Phil Edwards of Wealed Technology and Project director for ‘Fast Charge Zero-emission Motorsport’ gave a rivetting and down to earth talk to the students on exactly what makes the construction industry so appealing for young people, but also reminded them that (like any industry) it requires a special drive and enthusiasm to succeed.

Then students split into groups and with rotating time schedules, spent the next 3 hours visiting each stand to learn about what each career path in the industry could offer them and their future.

While technology was given centre stage across many stands, from the latest in topographical 3d map creation, to Leica-lens equipped surveying systems, the most important part of this event was the passion and intelligent discussion presented by the CE Kent members and supporting staff.

This notion was emphasised when famous author and adventurer/explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes gave the final keynote of the day and emphasised once more how important the human factor really is, no matter what is you end up doing in life, but with construction you don’t have to be chained to a desk, which is what a career in up and coming technologies such as programming and app coding would ultimately offer.

The message given to all who attended was simple: Construction and technology are not separate. The industry is unique in that it forms a perfect harmony between the latest technology, and the hands-on labour or design that construction has offered since man first learned to use tools.

This message was gratefully received by all, and may have just incited some small, yet great spark in those young minds. Perhaps we’ll be writing about them in this blog soon…

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