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clague architects
  1. What inspired you to set up this specific company in the construction industry?

Personal contacts and the opportunity to progress to senior management level.


  1. How has your company adapted since its inception to meet the changing demands of the construction industry?

The inception of the company significantly pre-dates my joining! Since working here the firm has constantly reviewed changes to practice and business environments, adapted to new technologies and employed talented people.


  1. Where do you see construction heading in the future?

To an ever more collaborative approach.


  1. Where do you think your business is going to fit in this new era of construction?

As close to the forefront as possible!


  1. What part of your business has changed most in this new construction era and why?

The whole business has had to adapt to ever-changing compliance requirements driven by energy saving measures, health and safety requirements, DDA requirements, greater specialisation and general bureaucracy together with massive technological change from drawing board to BIM within a short space of time.


  1. How has emerging technology in the construction industry changed the way you do business?

The advent of BIM is likely to be a major game-changer requiring earlier and earlier collaboration between close-knit established teams.