Constructing Excellence Presents: Bim & Breakfast

Constructing Excellence Presents: Bim & Breakfast


On Wednesday 15th April, CE Kent members and friends came together to learn about how other members are using BIM (Building Information Modelling) in their current construction projects.

BIM, a renowned term within the built environment, especially with the government’s upcoming target requiring all government projects to be using BIM by 2016, is still somewhat of a challenge when put in practice for construction companies. The CE Kent presentation brought together a team of members who are using BIM on a joint project and their findings so far.

CE Kent Chairman, Peter Searle, began the morning with a clear statement: “We are the single organisation charged with the drive to create real change within the construction industry and we are proud to say that this change is taking place. As part of the South-East group of clubs, we are gaining value through collaborative working with other Constructing Excellence groups.”

He continued to discuss the future of CE Kent; “Our focus this year is on 5 key items; people, smart, sustainable, growth and leadership. As with our view to supporting Construction 2025, we have recently taken yet more steps into the upcoming decade with the launch of our new website design. As well as an emphasis on driving the next generation into the industry, by focusing on our Construction 186 brand and our links with CITB, enabling us to get to the next generation with a clear message about the industry.”

The focus of the morning, BIM, kicked off with Malcom Clarke, MD of Baxall Construction introducing their project, Holborough Lakes School.  This project includes other CE Kent members who were present to discuss their experience of using BIM. These included architects Hazle McCormack Young, Crofton Design and consulting engineers Campbell Reith.

Each member took time to discuss their challenges and successes of introducing BIM to their organisation, and using it on this specific project.

Most agreed that initially there has been a cost to introduce BIM to their company, with one member spending around £25K on new hardware alone to ensure their systems could cope with the software. Whilst the efficiencies will be realised in the future, members agreed that standards need to be correct at the beginning which has meant things have been slower to start with when they first began working with BIM.

The key message given by the presenters was the collaboration is key. Which is ultimately what BIM is about. Various elements of the supply chain collaborating to enable more efficient buildings.

To finish off, speakers faced concerns head on with an open Q&A session. It was apparent that industry-wide implementation is not going to occur overnight, but the wheels are turning and the change has begun. The CE Kent members will meet again later this year where members eagerly await to hear about the finished project at Holborough Lakes.

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