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  1. What inspired you to set up/ work for this specific company in the construction industry?

Steven Hale, our MD created and led Crofton Design with a clear eyed mission to deliver the highest standards in engineering services for the construction industry.  Over the years and despite the painful shortage of qualified professionals, Steven skilfully assembled teams of talented and dedicated engineers in London, Kent and Newhaven who won award after award and built what is now Crofton’s impeccable reputation for delivering irreproachable mechanical, electrical, structural and civil engineering solutions.



  1. How has your company adapted since its inception to meet the changing demands of the construction industry?

Fifteen years have passed since Crofton Design’s inception in the year 2000.  The company embraced technology and is often a principal participant in the advancement of the profession and the wilful sharing of best practice within the built environment community.


Having earned its enviable position in the industry, Crofton is already known for investing in its people and is now well on its way to be recognised for its ability to leverage technology to deliver innovative solutions.



  1. Where do you see construction heading in the future?

In our view, leveraging high-tech in design and connectivity between building components is the future.  Long gone the image of the profession being that of a builder in a hard hat and high-vis laying bricks.  If you came to any of our offices today you’d see a completely different image and get a sense that technology permeates everything we do – some might say it’s futuristic…


However, talent shortage is a challenge for us but we are determined to change this trend with our commitment to making the profession attractive to a broader audience.  Our dedication to diversity is demonstrated in our workforce and our ability to bring people together to collaborate and to blend proven traditional savoir-faire and cutting edge technologies.



  1. Where do you think your business is going to fit in this new era of construction?

We are increasingly asked to be involved in high-profile, high-stake projects because we are attracting the most talented and ingenious engineers.

Our commitment to R&D, sustainability and to developing and growing a skilful and passionate population of engineers is the deliberate trajectory Crofton is following.  In doing so we are contributing to shaping a new agenda for the construction industry.


  1. What part of your business has changed most in this new construction era and why?

The biggest change we’ve seen is the gender of our workforce.

The gender mix in our staff population is important to us and is always a preoccupation.  We have a stringent recruitment process and only hire based on abilities to do the job; but we believe that there is some way to go to make the profession attractive to women and we welcome initiatives that work towards this reality.


  1. How has emerging technology in the construction industry changed the way you do business?

Dramatically, but it’s not so much the evolution of technology that’s a challenge it’s its pace.  We are acutely aware that change in the way we work has never happened this fast before and will probably never be this slow again…


To remain current and ensure we keep abreast of the latest technology we have put in place a watch, test, tweak & learn strategy that consists in surveying clients, working with partners to share best practice and identifying trends.  We take stock of new ideas, initiatives and technologies and test them through a rigorous appraisal process to ensure their adoption and application is viable and sustainable in our areas of expertise.  We are always open to collaboration in the R&D field and invite like-minded partners to make contact and join us in our quest for constructing excellence.

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