ECA comments on new Tesla battery system

ECA comments on new Tesla battery system

June’s CIBSE journal carries authoritative commentary by ECA’s Head of Energy Solutions, Bill Wright, on the recently announced ‘Powerwall’ domestic and commercial battery system.

The new battery “gives smart grid technology a high-profile boost” says Bill, who calculates payback rates of about 8-10 years. The ‘Powerwall’ uses the lithium- ion battery developed for Tesla’s much vaunted electric vehicles and, as one of several considerations, and Bill outlines what the system would need to enable off-grid renewable energy.

The article also considers the basic economics of using this type of system and estimates payback in the order of 10 years or less. “Storage systems have the capacity to transform the way we use and distribute electricity and the Tesla system has highlighted the potential of using well-proven technology” Bill concludes.

To see Bill Wright’s full article, courtesy of CIBSE Journal (page 20), go to:

Reader’s note: page 6 of this issue adds that SolarEdge Technologies is set to collaborate with Tesla Motors on an inverter to link PV to Tesla’s Powerwall system.

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