ECA joins new industry PQQ forum

ECA joins new industry PQQ forum

The Government’s Chief Construction Advisor, Peter Hansford, has set up a small industry forum to discuss future options for improving pre-qualification in the UK.

Paul Reeve, ECA Director of Business Services, has been invited to join this group, which will include a small number of client, major and other contractor representative bodies (including newly-formed contractor body Build UK) , and representative PQQ schemes.

The ECA, working with umbrella body SEC Group, has taken a leading role in industry activity that aims to reduce the inefficiency and cost of current PQQs. Paul Reeve, who is also on the management forum of the Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) Group, will be representing the interests of building services contractors on the new industry PQQ forum.

Members are reminded that ECA provides expert advice on how to deal with pre-qualification enquiries and how to get the most out of cross-recognition of PQQ schemes by SSIP, and that CHAS assessment (CHAS is a leading member of SSIP) is available to members at a special, ongoing discount.

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