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Kevin Bush, Regional Manager of ECA and Secretary of CE Kent.


  1. What inspired you to set up/ work for this specific company in the construction industry?

I have always been keen to be part of an organisation that has a clear influence on all aspects of the industry. My role at the ECA enables me to gain an insight to everything relating to electro-technical issues and ensure that the organisation, and its’ members, are fully briefed of these.


  1. How has your company adapted since its inception to meet the changing demands of the construction industry?

The ECA has embraced new and emerging technologies and changed significantly in recent years to ensure that its’ members are fully informed of changes within the industry as a whole. The way in which the ECA communicates at all levels has improved markedly and we have many different avenues to ensure that all members are kept fully informed.


  1. Where do you think your business is going to fit in this new era of construction?

With the advent of technologies such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) the ECA has an opportunity to position itself as the go-to organisation that provides advice and information for the electro-technical industry. In addition, new lighting, controls, broadband and electric vehicle technologies are all making for an exciting future.


  1. What part of your business has changed most in this new construction era and why?

The role of Regional Manager has changed dramatically over recent years. Much or the role now involves finding out about new technology and passing information to member companies. The regional team is fully focused on providing ECA members with outstanding service to assist in the growth of their businesses.


  1. Where do you see construction heading in the future?

I do believe that the industry is moving towards more pre-fabrication with many elements being installed in factory conditions and purely assembled on site, therefore different skills will be needed in the future. Much of what we teach young people now will affect the way they work in years to come. There are so many fabulous opportunities for those willing to get involved and change the way that the industry operates.


  1. How has the emerging technology in the construction changed the way you do business?

We are now used to using social media, however there is a need for users to be educated not only in what to say but also when, context, language etc. There now needs to be a fundamental shift away from confrontational contracts to more partnership working with all elements of the construction teams being on equal terms throughout the process.

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