Kent was named of the UK’s pre-fab home hotspots

Kent was named of the UK’s pre-fab home hotspots

In December 2017 Kent was named one of the UK’s pre-fab homes hotspots, building 700 homes a year from modules made in factories.

This way of building aims to address the need of building homes more quickly, and is adding 15,000 properties a year across the UK.

Paul Wookey, of investment agency Locate in Kent, said: “This type of build is starting to feature heavily across the county, particularly in north Kent, and it’s helping developers and local authorities to meet the growing demand to build new homes fast.”

Medway has been a particular target for this kind of building, where there are three developments being built using offsite construction in Chatham and Capstone.

Dave Harris, Medway Council’s head of planning, said: “This type of house construction is 40pc quicker than traditional methods and from the day a pod arrives it can be ready to welcome new residents within four weeks.” This is particularly helpful for councils as they are under pressure from central government to hit housebuilding targets quickly.

As published in the Telegraph – Dec 17 

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