Latest RICS survey highlights insufficient availability of quantity surveyors

Latest RICS survey highlights insufficient availability of quantity surveyors

Construction professionals are flagging up problems with the quality of new surveyors coming into the industry.

A shortage of QSs has been a problem for years. But the latest Construction Market Survey from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) highlights increasing anxiety over the standard of available recruits.

The survey showed 65% of respondents reported insufficient availability of quantity surveyors.

t added: “The results also point to the quality of available workers (rather than simply the quantity) being the principle driver in skill shortages, with 67% of respondents taking this view.

“Looking at this further, 59% of contributors feel that improved education pathways and training would be the most effective policy response to alleviate labour supply pressures, whilst 31% of contributors feel direct government subsidisation of training would be the most effective.”

Among those members quizzed Ian Millar of Michael Jarrett Ltd from Newcastle Upon Tyne said: “Too many graduates are told they are able to work as Project Managers etc. instead of learning the basics such as being able to take off quantities and produce a Bill of Quantities.”

Philip Boulcott of ARTELIA UK in London added: “As a consultancy, our main constraint is finding good quality candidates at sustainable salaries.

“In managing construction projects, Principal Contractors are at capacity and their supply chains are equally stretched.”

Source: Construction Enquirer

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