ProRoll leaves an impression on contractors

ProRoll leaves an impression on contractors

For decorators, quality is anything but skin deep. A lot of time and money goes into preparing a wall for its final surface finish. This often leads to issues for the contractors involved, who are not in full control of their projects as they wait for associated trades to help with the situation.

Painters and decorators often encounter walls that are not up to the expected quality, and preparing these walls for painting can take considerable amounts of time if third party assistance is required.

A highly-experienced plasterer is always best for large projects, but this does not always suit the needs of smaller-scale painters and decorators, whose requirements could be as little as one wall or ceiling. In this example, it may not be economical to hire a plasterer.

Matthew Harris, the Director of Optima Property Services Limited whose contractors often require the assistance of plasterers is all too aware of the problem.

“It is simply a question of ownership. We have to prepare the surface to look as good as possible for the client, but we can’t even touch the walls until they are ready to be finished. Any contractor knows that you can often encounter some truly terrible walls during a decorating job, especially on older properties.”

As well as raising the costs to both the decorator and the client due to the prolonged labour, hiring additional trades can often lead to a breakdown in ownership for the project quality.

These reasons and many more led Knauf to develop ProRoll,  roller-applied range of finishing and surface-levelling ready-mixed plasters which enables painters and decorators to operate with total independence for their projects.

Knauf ProRoll is applied to surfaces using a 9-inch medium pile roller. Simply dip the roller into the tub and apply evenly to the surface. Excess material can be recycled with a spatula.

Knauf ProRoll allows contractors to plaster surfaces as and when required. A drying time of only 12-18 and a shelf life of a year at room temperature means that Knauf ProRoll has the potential to become an essential “back of the van” item for painters and decorators.

Knauf ProRoll Max excels in the preparation of irregular and uneven surfaces prior to final finishing plaster with up to 4mm possible in multiple coats. Conversely, Knauf ProRoll Light provides an extremely fine finish in coats of 1mm with up to 3mm in multiple coats.

The combination of fast drying times and easy installation, compared to traditional plastering methods, has led to some positive attention within the painting and decorating industry.

Optima trialled Knauf ProRoll on a six-storey Georgian property in Bristol. The age of the property meant that a significant amount of repair work to the walls and ceiling was required. In the past Matthew, would have had to hire a plasterer, but Knauf ProRoll now provides a quick and economical alternative.

“With ProRoll contractors have ownership of the entire surface, from preparation to finishing plaster. This is good for us as contractors but even better for the final customer – as one contractor will retain full responsibility for the job.”

Armed with a pre-mixed tub of Knauf ProRoll, painters, decorators and small contractors now have a tool which allows them to be prepared for any scenario they may find themselves dealing with on the job.

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