Waterloo – Drawing Good Air Quality Into Design

Waterloo – Drawing Good Air Quality Into Design

We were recently invited by Waterloo Air Products of Aylesford, to attend an event where we were treated to an in-depth insight into how they work, the advanced design services they offer and to tour their test lab and factory.

We were impressed to see how they position themselves as much more than just product manufacturers, and how they are achieving success in promoting themselves to architects, being specified on some of the country’s most iconic new builds.

Waterloo’s CAD Manager, Adam Osborne explained how they are using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Modelling software to study the behaviour of air in simulated environments and to map out the exact design features of the appropriate air distribution product.

Their on-site test lab enhances their service offering, providing validation of the CFD data and is a highly controlled arena to plan, design, test and achieve optimum air distribution.

“Architects and interior designers want to find the right balance between effective ventilation and design,” says Ron Edmondson, Managing Director at Waterloo. “Waterloo collaborates with them to help them achieve this. We provide guidance and advice on how to work air terminal devices into design, whilst still ensuring their performance meets the requirements of the setting.”

Waterloo have recently launched a new companion website, https://design.waterloo.co.uk/, which stands alongside their technical site. The new design site shows visitors how Waterloo’s air terminal devices can be part of the overall design without compromising their vision.

To find out more visit https://www.waterloo.co.uk

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