What does sport have to do with construction?

What does sport have to do with construction?

This year’s Constructing Excellence annual conference on 23rd November will explore the synergies that construction has with sport.

At first you might sit there scratching your head thinking what synergies? But if you really think about it they are remarkably similar. And not only in the way both can be so frustrating and so satisfying at any given moment!

Both are in different ways complex, disparate, multi-functional and multi layered, and both have issue around image, diversity and a need to evolve with data and technology changing the way you approach them.

If you discuss a requirement to bring a team together, the need to identify the appropriate leadership, how to get the team to gel and work collaboratively together, look to maximise productivity while ensuring the desired outcomes are achieved you may be unsure if we are talking about sport or construction.

Now all of that is very general and you could say describing any number of industries, but the way both engage and the passion that both create with people both directly and indirectly involved with it is something that no other industry truly does.

One of the greatest parallels we’ve seen and what stands out for me as a key topic for the day is the way data has and is still changing both sport and construction. We often talk about the digital revolution that we are in the midst of in construction and this is something that sport has experienced over the last decade or two. The way sport scientists and nutritionists are now a key part of professional sport teams will be the same for data scientists and BIM technicians will be in construction. The performance measuring undertaken in sport and the detailed analysis of the assets within the team is something we in construction are only starting to take advantage of.

Over the coming months Constructing Excellence will be introducing you to our speakers and delving further into the days theme and topics further exploring these parallels.

As we look to build on last years successful conference, we are excited about this years potential and hope you share that excitement and already have the 23rd November blocked out in your diary in anticipation!

If you’re interested in finding out more about the day please do get in touch with Ben Pritchard at Ben.pritchard@invennt.com.

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